With an industry leading commitment to quality, service, and problem solving, JK prides itself on the ability to get the job done. Whether that job to be done is building custom tooling which must meet precision tolerances, or stamping out tens of thousands of short-run production parts while a traditional die can be produced JK is an industry leading job shop

JK has learned over the years what it takes to be a leader in the metal stamping industry. We can assist your engineers with design assistance and prototype development for any product. We will help you select the correct materials and the right manufacturing process for the most economical production and the best performance of your products. JK can also help you to re-design existing products which can further bring a cost savings to your company.

We have learned through experience, that the best time to speak with our customers is at the design stage of the process, before the actual part goes into production, to offer the most economical solutions available.

JK's process responds when dimensional repeatability is critical. Bringing you a high standard of quality and reliability for economical runs of 100 to 100,000 pieces and more, flexibility in meeting deadlines, modifying existing products, designing new products and pre-production runs.

We handle a variety of materials such as cold rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Spring Steel and Nickel-based Alloys, Copper and Copper Alloys, Aluminum and Phenolics. We can deliver stamped and drawn parts from these materials that comply with your specifications, using materials from .001 to .250 in thickness and deep draws.

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